Quick intro to JavaScript CSS ClassLIst API

Of all the ways people have been using jQuery, one of the methods that rank high up there is jQuery's CSS class manipulation methods, which are:


These functions make it extremely easy to add, remove, and check whether an element has a particular CSS class.

Well, all modern browsers now allow you to do away with jQuery for duplicating the above functions. The classList API is pretty self explanatory. See the below:

el.classList.add("myclass") //adds a class to element

Paging in Datalists and other controls

Anyone who's had to display data in multiple pages in ASP know how much trouble
it can be. Although not very hard, it's tedious at best. This tutorial looks at using the PagedDataSource
class to accomplish the task, and easily.

Data Caching in ASP.NET

If you use static data with your ASP.NET applications, such
as that from a database server like Microsoft SQL Server, you should take a
look at caching your data. Previously, this was not an easy thing to do, but the
caching in .NET makes caching your data and objects a trivial task.

ASP.NET Input Validation Controls

Back when we had only ASP, developers who had to write webpages for forms knew
that the most tedious part is writing code to validate the user input.

Counting current users online in ASP

Counting how many users you currently have viewing your website in ASP is
simple and often asked. In order to create this script, you
must learn about session, application objects and the global.asa file.

Useful built-in functions in ASP

There are a lot of built-in functions in ASP. Some are for typecasting, formatting, math, date and string manipulation. Being familiar with them means saving a lot of time otherwise spent re-inventing the wheel on your own.

Adding a doctype to your webpage

Doctype is a special declaration at the very top of your webpage source,
right above the <HTML> tag, that informs validators the rules in which to
validate your page using, and for modern browsers (IE6+, Mozilla, NS6+, Opera,
IE5 Mac), whether to display your page in Quirks or Standards mode.

Dates and time in PHP

In this tutorial I'll discuss dates and time in PHP, which is useful for a
myriad of tasks.

Creating search engine friendly URLs in PHP pages

See how to use .htaccess and mod_rewrite to easily transform ugly PHP URLs into search engine friendly ones.

Creating a simple feedback form using PHP

Creating a simple feedback form using PHP is very easy, thanks to PHP's prebuilt mail() function. In this tutorial I'll show you a complete, working example.

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